New Bridal Site – Arabella

Nuviu have proudly published a new eCommerce website promoting luxury hand-made bridal birdcage veils and other wedding accessories for Arabella Bridal.

A bit about them:
Arabella Bridal is a Scottish based bridal accessories online store, selling beautiful, handmade, vintage bridal birdcage veils, traditional veils, headpieces for bridesmaids and guests, designed to make your big day perfect.


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A few great reasons to blog…

Everyone’s doing it. But why….?

1. Search Engine Ranking – The key advantage of blogging has to be the increased presence that blogging gives you on search engines. The more you blog, if you updated frequently and especially if you use keywords , the higher you will find yourself in search engine returns.
2. Communicate the message – It may sound obvious but blogs are a great way to get a clear message to your customers.
3. Relationship building – As blogs can be written in a more personal way than the rest of your website may be, they can enable allow you to build a different level of relationship with your customers, they can get to know you, and you can build in an element of trust to your relationship.
4. PR – Blogs are great PR tools, putting you in the spotlight.
5. Brand leverage – Blogs are a useful tool to promote your brand.
6. Staying ahead of the game – Blogs can be used to your competitive advatage. Tell the stories and give information that will get attention and keep ahead of competition.
7. Expertise – Blogs allow you to show off your expertise in particular areas by sharing your knowledge and opinions, and prove that you are up to date with advances in your industry.
8. Reputation maintenance – How do you keep a good ongoing reputation? Blogs can help.
9. They’re cheap, or free! Blogs are easy and affordable to create and maintain.

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.CO domain extension

.CO Internet S.A.S. ( recently announced that it has officially taken registrations for more than a half a million .CO domain names. The .CO extension was only publicly released 2 months ago so hitting this major milestone so quickly reinforces the high consumer demand and global nature of the .CO domain.

Companies, web developers, agencies, entrepreneurs and individuals from nearly 200 countries around the world have registered .CO domains. Whilst over a third of current registrations have come from the United States, the domain is growing in popularity in many other countries.

So why are people signing up for it? There are a few reasons, including:

1. The has discovered that some big brands intend to provide new services and products just from their .co website, confirming its popularity.
2. Many people associate .co with COmpany, COrporation or Commerce (rather than COlumbia which it originally means), making it a great extension for professional websites and businesses.
3. There are still plenty of short and memorable domain names available, unlike other older extensions
4. You may benefit by gaining extra traffic due to .com typos.

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News about Twitter changes!

News about Twitter! Twitter is turning its micro text-messaging website into a multimedia showcase by adding a new pane to make it easier for its users to check out photos and video.

Twitter unveiled the redesign on Tuesday and are hoping that this will compel people to stay on Twitter’s website for longer periods and that it will increase the frequency of their visits. This will in turn increase it’s status and potential as an advertising platform.

The new look website has two panes. One for the 90 million tweets posted on Twitter every day which will look familiar and will feature the well known time-line that chronologically stacks all the tweets from the people that account holders chooses to follow. The other pane will be for the images contained within the text – meaning that users will be able to look at embedded images and other info without having to navigate away from the home page. Until now, most links to photos and video have been displayed on other websites or browser tabs.

People are mainly opening accounts now so they can follow the tweets from the friends, family, celebrities, media outlets and lawmakers that interest them. These spectators, or “lurkers,” tend to only publish their own thoughts or observations periodically.

Given that Twitter didn’t even start allowing advertising within some of tweets until five months ago this is a big change. The San Francisco company still gets the majority of its revenue from a series of data-sharing deals with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and other companies.

Twitter has apparently reached agreements to display content from more than a dozen online photo and video sites, including Google-owned YouTube, Yahoo Inc.’s Flickr, GoJustin.TV, Twitgoo, TwitPic, TwitVid, Ustream, Vimeo, and yfrog.

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Nuviu has a new site!

Welcome to our new look website! Nuviu are an Edinburgh based web design company who design and build websites for a range of people and businesses – individual professionals, sole practitioners, small companies, partnerships and businesses looking for a simple online presence, a content management system or an eCommerce website. We can design a new logo for you, ensure that your website is search engine optimised (SEO), advise on how to make best use of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and ensure that your website has such social media integrated with it.

Maybe you already have a website that you are looking to re-design – we can take care of that too!

Don’t worry if you have no experience with website design or creation or have no technical skills – that’s what we’re here to help with! Have a look round our website to see what types of services we can offer.

So for all your website needs – get in touch today and ask for a free quote.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Nuviu team

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