A few great reasons to blog…

Everyone’s doing it. But why….?

1. Search Engine Ranking – The key advantage of blogging has to be the increased presence that blogging gives you on search engines. The more you blog, if you updated frequently and especially if you use keywords , the higher you will find yourself in search engine returns.
2. Communicate the message – It may sound obvious but blogs are a great way to get a clear message to your customers.
3. Relationship building – As blogs can be written in a more personal way than the rest of your website may be, they can enable allow you to build a different level of relationship with your customers, they can get to know you, and you can build in an element of trust to your relationship.
4. PR – Blogs are great PR tools, putting you in the spotlight.
5. Brand leverage – Blogs are a useful tool to promote your brand.
6. Staying ahead of the game – Blogs can be used to your competitive advatage. Tell the stories and give information that will get attention and keep ahead of competition.
7. Expertise – Blogs allow you to show off your expertise in particular areas by sharing your knowledge and opinions, and prove that you are up to date with advances in your industry.
8. Reputation maintenance – How do you keep a good ongoing reputation? Blogs can help.
9. They’re cheap, or free! Blogs are easy and affordable to create and maintain.

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